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Sol over Gudhjem – What is it all about?

Sol over Gudhjem is a chef competition. In fact, it is the biggest in Denmark.

Since 2009, the idyllic waterfront of Gudhjem on the island Bornholm has been a heaven for connoisseurs, foodies, people interested in food. The chef’s competition was launched in 2009 on the waterfront of Gudhjem with the participation of Denmark’s best chefs. All this to bring local products into focus. The chef’s competition has ever since been an annual event on Bornholm and has indeed become the biggest chef’s competition in Denmark.

Amazingly skilled chefs have over the years participated in Sol over Gudhjem. We have – in the competition and in the panel of experts – been graced by chefs from the following restaurants:  

Noma / Geranium / The Fat Duck The Paul / Maaemo / formel B / Henne Kirkeby Kro / Kirk + Maarbjerg / Falsled Kro / Ruths Hotel / Dragsholm Slot / Molskroen / Radio / Le Sommelier / Brdr. Price / Søllerød Kro / Kadeau / Villa Vest / Ti trin ned / Brdr. Koch / Svinkløv Badehotel / Frederiksminde / Kong Hans Kælder / Babette / Badehotel Marienlyst / Dessertcirkus / Fru Larsen / Restaurant Niels / Kul / Restaurant Naes / Palægade / MeMu / Stammershalle Badehotel / Roden til det gode liv / Restaurant Hjemme / Bistro Boheme / Molen / Fru Møllers Mølleri / Studio / Substans / Gusto 

In a festive weekend in June, the water front will be transformed into one huge kitchen and food market. The chef’s will be up against time to transform local products into the perfect courses. The audience will be able – at close range – to observe and ask questions about details, techniques and the thoughts behind the various courses.  With a direct view to every detail in the chef’s preparation, it is possible to experience how chefs of the absolute world elite manage to create the courses.

The interest from spectators, the local community, producers, media and sponsors has been rising every year. The event is broadcasted on Danish national televion, TV2 Danmark. In 2018, approx. 10.000 people visited the waterfront in Gudhjem.

Program, participants, schedule for 2019 event … coming up!

Winners of Sol over Gudhjem

2018: Dak Wichangoen
2017: Henrik Jyrk
2016: Henrik Jyrk 
2015: Morten Falk
2014: Kenneth Hansen 
2013: Kenneth Hansen 
2012: Nicolai Nørregaard
2011: Jesper Kirketerp 
2010: Daniel Kruse 
2009: Theis Brydegaard